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Written on My Heart

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“What a rarity Written on My Heart is! A novel that celebrates love and family and sticking together. You will fall in love with Florine and Bud, and when you finish the novel, you will most certainly grab the person you love and make him, or her, dance with you, slow and close.” Ann Hood, author of The Italian Wife, The Red Thread, Knitting Pearls, and Comfort

“I loved Morgan Callan Rogers’s Red Ruby Heart in a Cold Blue Sea, and I loved the chance to catch up with the magnificent Florine in the wonderful Written on My Heart. Florine’s unmistakable voice, her approach to raising a young family on the rugged coast of Maine, and her search for why her mother vanished years earlier make for an unputdownable novel about love in its many forms that will linger long after you’ve turned the last page. Ellen Baker, author of Keeping the House and I Gave my Heart to Know This

What a gift to be able to drop anchor at The Point a second time, to sit again at Grand’s kitchen table, to cheer for the unforgettable Florine Gilham as she navigates the ripple-effect of loss, opens to a very fitting love and stands strongly before all else adulthood brings her. Written on My Heart pens Morgan Callan Rogers’ name in all caps on the short list of authors delivering the real Maine and the genuine souls found beyond the shopping outlets, lobster pots and millionaire’s cottages.

— Suzanne Strempek Shea, author of Make a Wish But Not For Money


Red Ruby Heart in a Cold Blue Sea

Order on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, or Indie Bound.

“Morgan Callan Rogers’s novel spun me deep inside its feisty, honest heroine, Florine. A classic story of paradise lost, this is a beautiful and wise coming of age story. A wonderful first novel. Beth Powning, The Sea Captain’s Wife  

“The young, prickly, and thoroughly endearing narrator of Red Ruby Heart in a Cold Blue Sea got to me in a big way. Not since Ellen Foster have I rooted so hard for a fictional girl, whose losses, while deep and abiding, show us what she’s made of. I loved spending time with Florine, and I’m still thinking about her.” Monica Wood, Any Bitter Thing  

“At once very personal and very broad in theme and atmosphere, Red Ruby Heart is a lovely novel, long on heart. Morgan Callan Rogers has a confident, almost playful prose style, and she bears down on this story from the first paragraph, never faltering in her mission to convey her characters and their painful paths with honesty, compassion, and humor. Susanna Daniel, Stiltsville